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"15 million Americans include some form of Yoga in their fitness regimen - twice as many as did 5 years ago." Time Magazine


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On Yoga in the Workplace:

"…for months now when I’ve run, there has always been some pain in my bad knee either before, during or after the run. I mean always, from a dull ache to a sharp pain. But not today! Nothing, no pain at any point and I went for a long run. The only thing I’m doing different is the yoga!" :)  C.P., Greenwich, CT via email

"Just wanted to let you know that my neck pain is all gone!!! Thank you so much! I had been stretching it and stretching it, who knew that was the exact wrong thing to do?! I feel great today so thank you for that and for a great class as always!" L.W., Wilton, CT via email


"As a beginner I found Denise's class was the perfect environment for me to learn and feel comfortable. It is easy to commit to regular weekly sessions when the class is welcoming & convenient and the benefits are immediate.

As a real estate broker, the combination of my hectic schedule and high stress level almost keeps me from taking time to practice yoga. But Denise encourages a commitment to regular attendance and practice and the cumulative effects over a year and a half are amazing. I recommend Denise's classes to everyone for the personal benefits." M.P., Norwalk, CT

"I have found Denise’s classes to be an addiction. She is a gifted yoga teacher and is generous with her knowledge and attention. I leave each and every class refreshed.

I sit at a computer about 70% of the time...Most of the rest of the time I am in meetings, so it is critical that I learn how to become aware of my body and how to keep it flexible!" V.W., Fairfield, CT

"Enrolling in Denise O’Hearn’s yoga class is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Yoga works on the entire body, inside and out. I feel better and my family says I look better. Denise is gentle and caring, while challenging us to do things we didn’t know we could do. Yoga can be started at any age. I was over fifty, find it totally exhilarating and plan to continue for life. I am so grateful to Denise for teaching me to make time for uninterrupted leisure." P.F., Westport, CT
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On Yoga for Seniors:

"Denise is my yoga teacher at the Westport Senior Center. She has a rare inner grace and sensitivity which permeates every movement she initiates during the class. I feel extremely privileged to be in her circle of love and healing." P.R., Westport, CT

"Denise is the BEST yoga teacher I’ve ever had (out of at least 15 others). She inspires us with wisdom and healing messages as well as balancing our physical bodies with compassion and kindness." J.A., Westport, CT

"Yoga with Denise is a blessing. She carefully guides you into the postures. Her spirituality enhances her practice. She is the best yoga teacher I have experienced." G.M., Westport, CT

"I’ve had back pain and the yoga really helps me. Wish I could do it every day." C.R., Westport, CT

"I feel Denise is extremely loving and caring in her method of teaching Yoga. The relaxed feeling and shedding of mundane problems is very much treasured. Her readings deserve much praise." A.M., Westport, CT

"I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and I find Denise a truly gifted teacher. She puts heart and soul into the practice, gives individual attention to all, educates us into the bodily postures as well as spiritual qualities of yoga." S.M., Westport, CT

"This yoga class with Denise has changed my life. I feel more relaxed, stronger, more supple, calmer, healthier inside and out. I love that it is gentle but at the end of the class I feel as if I’ve had a total workout. Wonderful!" L.G.S., Westport, CT

"Denise is by far my favorite teacher. I love her class." R.H.A., Westport, CT

"Denise is a wonderful teacher. She makes the instructions for stretches and postures as though set to music. There is a reverent quality in her class." P.F., Westport, CT

"I have been doing yoga with Denise for 3 years. It has helped me immensely both physically and emotionally. Yoga has contributed to improving my golf and skiing. I am also much calmer. Denise is a very caring and dedicated instructor. I would recommend the class to any man (or woman) looking to improve his or her physical and emotional health." D.S., Norwalk, CT

"Invigorating, restful; contacting my inner self. Strengthening while gaining self confidence." R.S., Milford, CT

"Unfortunately I didn’t start yoga until reaching my mid fifties. Fortunately I’m learning with Denise. She genuinely cares about her students’ well being and their practice of yoga in a nurturing, non-judgmental way. Individual attention is given to everyone. An hour with Denise and yoga is the best time I give myself." J.S., Norwalk, CT

"You make every move easy and fun. Always smiling." P.S., Westport, CT
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On Yoga in the News:

"Fifteen million Americans include some form of yoga in their fitness regimen - twice as many as did five years ago."
Time Magazine

"The best part of yoga is that it doesn't end with class. What you learn through yoga readily transfers to other aspects of life."
Sandra Uyterhoeven, Columnist, HR Today

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On Yoga and Cancer:

"I love the way we can take our stress off from our mind and from our bodies. This yoga class is fabulous and wonderful. I personally think that one of the causes for my breast cancer was stress. Denise also helps us to exercise our bodies in certain way that we leave the class in such a good shape. I love yoga class." J.T., Norwalk, CT

"Denise’s yoga class is a precious time that brings me to a centered place of calm and peace. I always leave this class well stretched physically, and mentally energized to greet the rest of the day." C.C., New Canaan, CT

"Yoga with Denise makes me feel completely relaxed, calm and peaceful! The exercise are gentle and can be increased as much as the individual wants. Her manner is very gentle and compassionate, uplifting and positive. The good feelings continue with me after the class for days. The reminders to breathe are important and good for the health. I love this yoga teacher and her class!" D.E., Stamford, CT

"Denise is like an angel. She has such a lovely, peaceful and loving demeanor as she leads us in our yoga class. She is considerate of our health issues and of our other needs as well, and fully accepting of all. Her gentle manner and spiritual sharing leaves us feeling so prepared for the rest of the day." S.D., Darien, CT
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